Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been a revolution since it’s introduction in 2010. It allows us to create flexible websites that adjust to the size of the user’s device, be it a mobile phone, desktop computer, video game console… the list goes on.

icons of screen, tablet and mobile with big smiles

One of the biggest ideas of RWD is that it is future friendly. Creating flexible websites means that they should even work on devices that haven’t been invented yet!

As an early adopter of responsive web design, we have learned a lot over the last 4 years. Responsive web design is difficult to learn, and it takes time for developers to hone their skills. We’ve been on that journey, and therefore can apply an immense amount of experience and skill when creating an amazing website for your business.

Since 2012 we have started making all of our websites responsive as standard (unless you ask us otherwise).