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Julie Howell is a public speaking and confidence coach. For this project we needed to create a website that would clearly differentiate JHC from the competition in this very crowded sector. This differentiator is Julie herself and methods unique to her. It became apparent that the design needed to allow the content to drive on this occasion.

Knowing that the site needed to actively recruit potential clients, our approach was to create a site that conveys Julie’s vibrant personality and captures her enthusiasm for helping people to achieve their personal goals. The site evokes a ‘feel good’ factor, encouraging visitors to feel at ease about making contact. This is achieved through Julie’s rich, direct, thoughtful content, we therefore ensured the site would be easy to update frequently and created dedicated space for blogs and articles.

Julie’s business is based on connecting with people and she has a unique approach in achieving this. It was essential for the site to allow Julie’s personality to shine through and to engage users. We created a clean, sharp design that doesn’t overshadow the content.

The site incorporates a newsletter subscription feature to persuade visitors to make contact and provides a mechanism for JHC to keep in touch. It also has a feature for promoting events and taking bookings. Julie is an avid blogger and article writer, we therefore created a system for storing and cataloguing her posts so that visitors can search and find them simply and quickly.

Launch Project
I consider Daymedia to be an essential part of ‘Team Howell’ With my extensive experience of digital I am confident that Daymedia is one of the very best boutique-size agencies around today. The value from my investment in them (including the peace of mind that any problems will be fixed right away) is immeasurable.
- Julie Howell, Public Speaking Coach at Julie Howell Communications