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Accident Blackspot is a proof-of-concept project currently in development.

In our first meeting with the founder of Accident Blackspot, we were truly captivated by his determination to work towards a safer community. His own personal experience had driven him to start this business, giving it a great sense of purpose and a compelling story to tell.

Our initial brief was to build an effective brand, and proof-of-concept product, working within the constraints of a startup budget.

Designing a versatile logo was no accident.

As with any branding project we undertake, we made sure that the logo was versatile in both colour and potential usage.

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Accident Blackspot Illustration@2x

Introducing Deano. The Hazard-a-saurus rex.

In addition to the logo artwork, we also created an illustrated character - Deano the Dino - to help make the brand memorable and leave a lasting impression on users. 

Designing a clean UI for user generated content.

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