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APFS Orders Card Reveal@2x

APFS provide an amazing customer experience that immerses teachers, parents and children in the world of art...

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Right from the start of our engagement, we were excited about how we could use technology to enhance their product.

Starting with the website, designed to spread the message to teachers and parents, we wanted to champion the creativity of children, and promote the fund raising potential APFS brings to the school.

APFS Homepage Mockup@2x

Blending a grown up’s UI with kids creativity.

The design needed to be playful, but clear on what APFS provide it’s customers so the homepage was designed to quickly deliver the how's, why's and what's.

  • Clean user interface
  • Integrated child-like drawings
  • Custom icons
  • Personal quotes from customers
  • Consistent call to actions
APFS Resource Cards@2x

Leveraging an archive of inspiring content.

APFS has been promoting creativity for over 30 years, so it was no surprise when they unveiled their huge archive of creative resources. We wanted APFS to be able to leverage this content digitally so we made resources easy for visitors to find, download and share.

Creating custom designed icons.

We created a set of icons for APFS to use in reference to their creative project offerings.

  • APFS Icon Yearbook@2x
  • APFS Icon Leavers @2x
  • APFS Icon Designers @2x
  • APFS Icon Christmas @2x
  • APFS Icon Leavers Gift @2x
  • APFS Icon Calendar @2x
  • APFS Icon Card @2x
  • APFS Icon Bag@2x

Beyond the website, we worked on re-imagining the ordering experience where family’s are able to purchase the artistry of their children.

APFS Elves@2x

Rockin’ around the Christmas card…

Once an art project is completed (such as Christmas Card design), parents are given a unique code for their child and enter into the APFS online shopping experience. They can then see their child's artwork presented to a fanfare of dancing Christmas elves and flying Reindeer!

Together with APFS we have created a functional, yet fun, way for parents to purchase gifts personalised with the artistry of their children.