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Hollaroo is a platform where you can build your own talent pool, grow relationships, and encourage meaningful introductions.

We first worked with Hollaroo in 2014, undertaking a full UX audit and delivery on their existing product. Analysing the functionality they already had, and reimagining it in a more clear and concise interface.

Integrating with Hollaroo's backend development team, we added our design and front end development skills into the mix to provide that missing piece of the jigsaw, helping the Hollaroo product to look and feel as strong as it has always worked functionally.

“Creating a UI that was able to adhere to any brand guidelines and provide a solid user experience was a seriously fun challenge to undertake. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for the development team to achieve a bespoke look for their clients.”

- Jenna Hussey, Lead Designer

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We also redesigned and rebuilt the customer facing website, aiming to grow Hollaroo’s web presence beyond the product.

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Hollaroo’s existing brand assets were colourful, vibrant, and full of personality. We decided to take these and apply them more effectively to their online experience, building a website that showcases their innovation in the world of recruitment.

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Introducing the introducers.

Hollaroo’s platform has a ton of cool features to shout about, but for the homepage we wanted to keep it simple and focus on the three core problems the platform aims to solve.

Coupling this with some light dynamic elements, industry knowledge, testimonials and existing clients all added up to create an engaging introduction to Hollaroo.

Quick find. Quick win.

The quick find feature allows visitors quickly jump to an area of interest on the page. Using a simple sentence to gauge the visitors needs, we’ve made it even quicker for visitors to find the information they’re looking for.

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