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RPA has over 15 years of experience in the Security industry, and is one of the top Consultancies in the UK working globally.

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RPA Security Consultancy have honed their business over many years and have a solid reputation that leads to many referrals. The next goal for RPA was to receive more leads through their website.

We worked with RPA Security Consultancy to develop a strategy that would not only strengthen their online presence, but their brand too.

Securing a strong wordmark logo.

We redesigned the RPA logo with trust and security in mind, and produced a simple yet effective type-only logo, as well as refreshing the brands colour palette.

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Strengthening RPA’s online presence.

Along side the new branding, we created a content driven site that offers its visitors clear user journey’s, making it easy to find and explore a variety of information in manageable chunks.

The site also uses a content management system making it super simple for content to be updated by RPA themselves.