Daymedia in Smashing Magazine & Net

by Jenna Hussey
Net Magazine Design Challenge

This past month has been particularly exciting for Chris and myself as we’ve both been featured in top web industry publications.

Smashing Magazine

Chris’ article ‘Six Common Problems With The UX Process, And Six Solutions!’ was featured on Smashing Magazine – an online magazine for professional web designers and developers. Chris has been a member of Smashing Magazine’s User Experience expert panel for some time now, but this is his first article he has written for them.

Chris’ article has been well received by other industry professionals.

“Brilliant article, very insightful, and definitely useful…”

You can read Chris’ article here.

Net Magazine

Prior to Chris’ article, I was very excited to be asked to take part in Net Magazine’s monthly design challenge. Net Magazine is a digital and print magazine also for web professionals. The fictional festival website I designed for the challenge was featured in the June 2014 issue (254) – page 53 if you’re interested 😉

My festival website design also received some great feedback and comments from other industry professionals.

Thank you to all those who read , viewed and complimented us on our recent successes. And thank you Smashing Magazine and Net Magazine for the support. Hopefully it’s not the last you’ll see of us in either magazine!