"When the client visited us, we asked them why they chose us, and they responded that our website was the best out of all the law firms they looked at!"

Sharon Montgomery, Partner at Crane & Staples

As an award-winning local business, Crane & Staples have established themselves as one of the leading law firms in Hertfordshire.

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Crane & Staples already had a well established and recognisable brand, so it was important that the design of the new website seamlessly incorporated and strengthened the clients current branding.

We redesigned and rebuilt their website from the ground up, focusing on clear user journey’s and designing for the visitors emotional state of mind.

Designing for emotion.

Crane & Staples provide a variety of services that are often required in times of trouble or grief. The user journey’s were carefully crafted around the visitors potential emotional state and their direct needs.

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“It was massively important for us to think of every potential reason people would come to the website, and ensure that they could find exactly what they were looking for as quickly and as painlessly as possible.”

- Jenna Hussey, Lead Designer

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Keeping it local.

With many of Crane & Staples clients being local, we wanted to create an immediate connection. We decided to incorporate photos of local surroundings to help instil a sense of familiarity. Photographs by cpgphotos.com.

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We’re here for them, so they can be there for others.

As an award winning law firm, we wanted to ensure Crane & Staples had everything they needed digitally to continue their success.

  • 60% increase in traffic.

    Through the website alone, Crane & Staples now receives new enquiries daily and their web traffic has also increased by 60%.

  • Continued partnership.

    Our partnership with Crane & Staples is on-going and we continue to help them deliver the very best solutions for them and their customers.

  • Mobile friendly design.

    The website is fully responsive allowing anyone on any device to have the same user experience and find what they’re looking for quickly.

  • Easy content management.

    Behind the website is a content management system allowing them to easily update the website. We worked closely with Crane & Staples to set up users with varies permission settings.