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Hertfordshire LEP work in partnership with businesses and the public sector in order to accelerate economic growth.

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Whilst the brief for this project was very requirements-focussed, our approach was to look beyond the desired functionality, and aim to really convey the excitement and opportunity within Hertfordshire.

Given the importance of the LEP’s objectives, it is crucial for them to have a platform that helps communicate clearly and connect with the local community.

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Developing a scalable Content Strategy.

Given the large quantity of information to be presented on the website, content strategy became a hugely important to ensure the key messaging remained clear and concise.

Working with the LEP we developed a content strategy that not only simplified the user journey’s - but also allowed for scalability and flexibility within Umbraco’s CMS.

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Keeping it simple. Enabling discovery.

Lengthy lists of hyperlinks, huge dropdown menus, and seemingly never-ending passages of content were all common themes in our research. It became apparent that there was a need for more simplicity.

The navigation was designed with both simplicity and discovery in mind, ensuring first-time visitors aren’t overwhelmed with options whilst providing easy access to the vast amount of content within the website.

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Strengthening an existing brand.

As an established organisation firmly in the eye of the public, the LEP’s existing visual identity needed to be applied to the new website with care.

We created a modern design that strengthened their existing visual identity and allowed the LEP to make use of their impressively extensive photo library.

Telling stories that inspire audiences.

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