"Daymedia worked on a range of web projects at Onzo, all with fast turnaround and to high standards."

Ryder Meggitt, Creative Director @ Onzo

We worked with Onzo’s development team to design an engaging interface for their smart energy kit.

We simplified the original design which featured too much data and created a bright, engaging and informative replacement.

The product received positive user reaction. Our version also incorporated a simple theming solution which enabled the website colours to be changed to suit the different utilities companies, when working in partnership with Onzo – a key requirement.

The product was created to help consumers understand energy usage, as the raw data is complicated. Once engaged and educated via this product, consumers could take ownership and monitor their home energy usage.

This information could then be used to save energy and reduce their electricity bills.

Onzo is now part of Scottish & Southern Electricity.

onzo app mockup

Mobile App Design

We also provided a white-label design for the mobile app experience, allowing customers to see their energy usage on the move.

At the time (2010) this was quite a new concept. Onzo's data scientists had provided a truly amazing feature; being able to display analytics from individual appliances, derived from a single sensor attached to the mains electricity.

It was hugely satisfying to take the results from the data science team, and translate them into meaningful notifications and action points for the end user.