Important Notice: This website is currently archived and a new design is on the way. Daymedia Ltd has ceased trading as of December 2020.

Capturing the unique personality and ethos of your organisation, whilst adapting to change in a digital world.

We have extensive experience working on a variety of design projects. Working both from existing brand guidelines, or starting up from a completely blank canvas, we can help:

  • Define a voice for your organisation, and how we communicate the motif of your brand visually.
  • Create logo design concepts based on your core values, strengthening the overall message you wish to convey.
  • Ensuring consistency of delivery across multiple touch points, be it a printed document, app, or website.

Whether we are working on a wholistic brand package, or just one small asset, we remain constantly aware of the bigger picture to ensure everything works together in harmony.

Chris Day Whiteboard

Listen. Collaborate. Advise.

We collaborate with our clients to understand their customer's needs, emotions, and the business objectives. We are keen to keep the conversation flowing, asking all the right questions, and embracing change as we learn more throughout the project.

Animation & Illustration

Subtle animated effects can add a whole extra level of immersion on the web, adding a bit of magic can really enhance customer experience and brand advocacy.