We can provide your business with a one-off SEO strategy, that can then be executed by your in-house team.

The landscape of SEO has changed rapidly over the last decade, leading us to a place now where it has almost become a natural side-effect of running a great marketing campaign.

If you're busy in the community, networking, sharing knowledge and growing brand awareness then you are already enhancing your search ranking without even realising it!

Our belief is that we just need to provide you with the foundation knowledge, helping your people understand the principles of SEO, to ensure they connect it to other marketing activity.

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What are the principles?

There are many ranking factors, but we like to keep things simple, focussing on the two most influential areas:

  • Technical (Internal) - Firstly, you need a website that adheres to web standards, is search engine friendly, that has been designed alongside a solid content strategy.
  • Marketing (External) - Once you have a technically brilliant website, the main objective is to gain hyperlinks from other websites. So for example, if you get some press coverage, make sure you politely ask for a hyperlink.

It is also important that you relate link building to real-world marketing. Begging other websites for links just doesn't work anymore. You need to be planning other activity that naturally leads you to be able to ask for  hyperlinks.